Rufus Barbarino - Vocals 

Hailing from the ghettos of Brooklyn, NY, Rufus learned the hard way how to become a true freak. With a sense of street smarts and the experience of hanging out with the brothers in the hood, Rufus truly learned how to get funky with the best of them. Being the only Italian in the neighborhood with an afro bigger than most of the brothers, Rufus was on his way to getting his freak on. By the age of 12 he was jamming with the likes of Bootsy, Mr. James, Funkadelic and the Acid Trips, K.C., and Big Bootie Bottom. Before long he quickly established himself as the number one "Guido Soul Brother" in the entire tri-state area. It was that one fateful night in 1978 hangin' at Studio 54 when he met Mikey Baddaboom and Shoogie Lovebone (fresh from getting kicked out of K.C. and the Sunflower Boys,) that he decided to form the ultimate disco show band, the Boogie Freaks. Devastated by the closing of Studio 54, they decided to pack it up and move to Hollywood where they would meet the fourth and final member of the Boogie Freaks, Joey Funkatoni. Since then, Rufus has appeared on several popular records you've come to know and adore. Unfortunately he never received an ounce of credit for any of his work, therefore he must travel aimlessly around the world to perform these songs the way they truly need to be heard. Email Rufus

Shoogie Lovebone - Drums

From the age of 12, Shoogie Lovebone was destined to become a disco drummer. In 1977, while working at his father's pizzaria, Big M's Pizza Palace, Shoogie spent  most of his time street drumming with the brothers on Detroit's lower east side. Tired of the hustle and bustle of delivering pizzas, as well as his father's disapproval of his newly grown afro, Shoogie decided to pursue his career as a musician and future founder of Afros Anonymous. While playing on the streets, Shoogie's talent was noticed by K.C. himself and was asked to join K.C. and the Sunflower Boys. It was with K.C. that he joined up with guitarist and friend Mikey Baddaboom with whom he developed an instant musical chemistry. After months of touring, Shoogie was "fired" from K.C. and the Sunflower Boys for what was unofficially claimed as "mutual differences".Shoogie's side of the story is that K.C. got fed up with him stealing all of the chicks! A true ladies man, he's as smooth on the drums as he is with the women. Today, Mr. Lovebone can be heard performing all over the globe with the world famous Boogie Freaks, so parents... Lock up your daughters! 

Mikey Baddaboom - Guitar

Born in the back of a Greyhound bus station in Detroit, MI, Mikey started his life on a roll that would not slow down to this day. By the age of 14, he had established himself as the number one pimp daddy in the entire hood. While spending 2 years in the Michigan State Pen for breaking into the local qualude factory, he mastered the art of funk guitar. By the time he was released in 1977, Mikey was the most sought after guitarist in Detroit. It was through his best friend, Shoogie Lovebone that he was offered the gig with the Sunflower Boys. After years of relentless touring and session work with some of disco's top names, he decided to call it quits when Shoogie was kicked out of the band. Together they headed to New York and became fixtures at the famed Studio 54. It is rumored that it was at one of the "basement parties" where he and Balki met Rufus "On Fire" Barbarino. Today, Baddaboom's guitar playing can be heard all over the world, and not only is he off the qualudes, but he is also an active member of Afros Anonymous.

Joey Funkatoni - Bass

Joey Funkatoni, AKA "J-Funk" grew up in the poshest hood of all of Los Angeles - Beverly Hills, CA. Starting his career as a child actor, he appeared on such shows as What's Happenin', Good Times, and The Jeffersons. Unfortunately, like many of his peers, by the age of 12, he wound up a regular at the Betty Ford Clinic. Recommended to find a creative outlet by his therapist, Joey picked up the bass guitar and discovered he was a natural. While working at Suds N' Buds Car Wash, he started performing at some of L.A.'s prestigious night clubs. Regarded as one of the industries' top session players, it's impossible to turn on your favorite disco station and not hear him play. One night while performing at The Bootie Club in Compton, he caught the attention of Rufus, Shoogie, and the Baddaboom who had just arrived from New York. After one long, hot, and sweaty jam session that lasted until the wee hours of the morning, they all knew the freaks had been born. To this day, Joey can be seen shaking his booty all over the world with the Boogie Freaks.

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